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Transgender Studies Quarterly wishes to thank everyone who is engaging with the first-person essay by the pseudonymous “transamorous man” published in TSQ 7.2, our current issue on “Trans Pornography.”  While they regret any offense given, they welcome the discussion the piece is generating. They stand by the guest editor’s decision to include the piece as a meaningful contribution to the conversation on trans porn, and respectfully decline calls to retract it.

This controversy alerted them to the fact that TSQ should have a publicly stated policy on retractions, which they are now in the process of carefully drafting for review by their editorial advisory board. Their guiding principle is that retractions should be only for libel, plagiarism, falsification, or other such acts of ethical or scholarly misconduct that did not come to light during the peer review process, and not due to the expression of opinions or positions that some readers find controversial.

They welcome the submission of work written in response to the topic of trans porn, “transamorousness,” TSQ 7.2 as a whole or the article in question specifically, for possible publication in a forthcoming issue. If there is a sufficiently high volume of interest, they are open to publishing a forum exploring the range of responses. This follows a precedent set by responses to “After Trans Studies,” the recent article by Andrea Long Chu and Emmett Drager in TSQ 6.1 (2019) that generated both controversy and enthusiasm, regarding which a cluster of excellent and varied responses is forthcoming in TSQ 7.3, in the third quarter of 2020.

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