Call for Articles: Forced Migration Review — Economies, Work, and Displacement

Forced Migration Review

Forced Migration Review invites the submission of articles for a major feature on economies, work, and displacement, and a smaller section on refugee-led social protection, for an issue to be published in June 2018.

Economic activity, in its broadest sense, is one of the fundamental aspects of human society and human activity. When people are forced by conflict or other circumstances to leave their homes, they usually also leave behind their means of economic activity and subsistence. When they arrive in their new location, they may not be able, or permitted, to take up economic activity.
It is often claimed that the impact of refugees can be linked to development opportunities, not just humanitarian needs. Displaced people in many cases bring skills and experience with them but may not be able to utilise them to support themselves or contribute to the society hosting them, whether in the short or longer term. This relates both to the working and earning opportunities for displaced people, and to the place of displaced people within the larger economy of the place where they are. It is this complex reality that this issue of FMR seeks to explore.
This issue will also include a section looking more specifically at refugee-led social protection, including initiatives formed and led by refugees to promote wellbeing, community development, advocacy and livelihoods.
The editors ask that you send an e-mail to fmr[at] if you are interested in contributing. The deadline for submission of articles is February 5, 2018. For additional information, please see the call for articles.

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