CFP: Agricultural & Food Law – Fayetteville, AR

The Agricultural & Food Law Consortium is seeking formal collaboration with individuals,
organizations, and institutions on a range of food law topics. To be considered,
applicants must submit Letters of Interest for each proposed project by 5:00 EST on February
12, 2016. Letters of Interest may pertain to any topic related to agricultural and food law.

Letters of Interest are limited to two pages. Letters of Interest must set forth the specific interests and relevant expertise of the applicant(s), a narrative description of proposed project, anticipated month-by-month timelines for deliverables, and proposed funding needs. In addition, Letters of Interest must clearly indicate the agricultural and food law topic that will be addressed and the specific type of deliverable(s) that will be undertaken during the course of the project. Letters of Interest should assume that a project selected for funding will begin June 1, 2016. It is preferred that proposed projects conclude by December 15, 2016, but can be proposed to conclude up through March 31, 2017.

Letters of Interest must be submitted via email in letter format (PDF) to Harrison Pittman at

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