Conference & CFP: Journal of Financial Regulation–Washington, DC

The Journal of Financial Regulation is accepting submissions for their annual conference titled, “Extra-Territoriality and Financial Regulation,” taking place on June 26, 2015 at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC. The deadline for submission of papers is March 10, 2015. Authors will be notified regarding whether their paper has been accepted for presentation at the conference by April 30, 2015.

The conference will seek to explore topics including, but not limited to:

  • the policy motivations for writing extra-territorial rules and the conditions for selecting this approach – this would include considerations from political economy, political science, and state organization theory;
  • the advantages and the limits of extra-territorial financial regulation, with particular regard to the different current policy initiatives and their impact on both financial innovation and prudential oversight;
  • the relationship between extra-territorial rules and the growing consensus on international standards and global soft law, in particular through international bodies such as the G20, the FSB, the Basel Committee, and others;
  • regulatory responses in other jurisdictions, including the likelihood of retaliation or counteracting measures;
  • responses by regulated market participants, in particular theoretical or empirical accounts of reactions by the financial industry to the adoption of extra-territorial standards;
  • legal considerations for enforcing extra-territorial standards, possibly including problems from all of public international law, conflict of laws, and democratic accountability

For more information regarding the journal, its annual conference and call for papers, please see the Journal of Financial Regulation CFP Jan 2015.

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