October 18, 2010 Colloquia / Workshops


Anita S. Krishnakumar (St. John’s Law)

Harvard Health Law Policy and Bioethics

David Hyman (University of Illinois Law) presents “Employment-Based Health Insurance: Is Health Reform a Game Changer?”

This paper is not publicly available.

Loyola Tax

Roland Sturm (RAND Corporation) presents “Soda Taxes, Soft Drink Consumption and Children’s Body Mass Index.”

This paper is not publicly available.

Roger Williams

Ambassador John Bolton (25th United States Ambassador to the United Nations) presents “Foreign Policy Challenges for the Obama Administration.”

This paper is not publicly available.

Sandra Day O’Connor

Deborah N. Pearlstein (Visiting Penn Law)

UC Berkley Law and Economics

Richard Gilbert (UC Berkeley Economics) presents “Deal or No Deal? Licensing Negotiations By Standard Development.”

This paper is not publicly available.


Ehud Guttel (Duke Law) presents “Negligence, Strict Liability, and Collective Action.”

This paper is publicly available.

University of Washington

The law school will host a debate between A. John Radsan (William Mitchell Law) and Charles Swift (former Office of Military Commissions, U.S. Department of Defense) entitled “From Miranda to Brady: Does Al Qaeda Deserve Civilian Justice?

This debate will discuss the efficacy of using civilian courts to try terrorism suspects.