February 24th Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law and Politics

       Matthew Adler (Penn Law), Well-being and Equity: A ‘Prioritarian’ Framework for Policy Analysis

Columbia 10-10 Workshop

       Katharina Pistor (Columbia Law)


       Annecoos Wiersema (Ohio State Law), Conferences of the Parties to Multilateral Environmental Agreements: The New International Law-Makers?


       Marcia McCormick (Samford Law), Solving the Mystery of How Ex Parte Young Escaped the Federalism Revolution

New York Law Tuesday Workshop

      Liz Glazer (Hofstra Law)

St. Louis

       Goodwin Liu (UC Berkeley Law), The Future of Civil Rights: Reflections and Renewal

UCLA Economics and Organizations

       Richard Epstein (Chicago Law),  The Many Faces of Fault in Contract Law: Or How to Do Economics Right, Without Really Trying