February 11th Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Family, Sex, and Gender

       Kim Krawiec (UNC Law), Sunny Samaritans and Egomaniacs: Price Fixing in the Gamete Market


       Lawrence Solan (Brooklyn Law)


       Michael Vanderbergh (Vanderbilt Law), The Logic of Climate Change Governance: Boundaries and Leakage


       Michelle Jacobs (Florida Law), Virtual Education

Georgetown Law and Philosophy

       John Mikhail (Georgetown Law), Bentham’s Theory of Fictions and Critique of Natural Rights

Georgetown Statutory Colloquium

       William Eskridge (Yale Law), The Supreme Court’s Deference Continuum, an Empirical Study (from Chevron to Hamdan)

Harvard Health Law

       Joseph Doyle (MIT Management), Returns to Physician Human Capital: Analyzing Patients Randomized to Physician Teams

Harvard International Law

        Dr. William Schulz (Center for American Progress)


       Robert C. Post (Yale Law), Demcracy and Knowlege: Opinion and the First Amendment

Northwestern Law and Political Economy

       Richard Brooks (Yale Law), Groups and Individuals

NYU Legal History

       Felice Batlan (Chicago Kent Law), The Birth of Legal Aid:  Knightly Attorneys and Damsels in Distress


       Elizabeth G. Thornburg (SMU Law)


       Dr. Thomas Eilmansberger (Salzburg)

St. Louis

       Chris Dranozel (Kansas Law), Arbitration and Litigation as Competitors in the Pre-Dispute Market for Binding Dispute Resolution

Stanford Environmental and Natural Resources Law

       Brian Gray (Hastings Law), The Future of Environmental Protection for Aquatic Ecosystems

Toronto Law and Economics

       Michell Kane (NYU Law), Bootstraps and Poverty Traps:  Treaties as Novel Toos for Development Finance

Toronto Legal Theory

       Brian Simpson (Michigan Law), Lacey: A Life of H.L.A. Hart: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream