January 26th Colloquia/Workshops


     Eduardo Peñalver (Cornell Law)

Columbia Law and Economics

       George Geis (Virginia Law), An Empirical Examination of Business Outsourcing Transactions


       Christine Parker (Melbourne Law)

Florida State

       Hari Osofsky (Washington & Lee Law)


       Dennis D. Crouch (Missouri Law)

Northwestern International Law

       Anu Bradford (Chicago Law)

Rutgers (Camden)

       Gerald Frug (Harvard Law), City Bound: How States Stifle Urban Innovation


        Margaret McGuinness (Missouri Law)

UC Berkeley CSLS

       Anne Joseph O’Connell (Bekeley Law), “Hiding in Plain Sight?” Timing and Transparancy in the Administrative State

UC Berkeley Law and Economics

       Robert P. Bartlett III (Georgia Law), Blind Consent? A Social Psychological Investigation of Non-Readership of Click-Through Agreements.