November 6th Colloquia/Workshops


       Richard Lazarus (Georgetown Law)

Harvard Health Law Policy, Bitechnology & Bioethics Workshop

       I. Glenn Cohen (Harvard Law), Patients with Passports: Legal and Ethical Issues in Medical Tourism


       Randy Bezanson (Iowa Law), Trespassory Art

Michigan Law and Economics

       Justin Wolfers (Pennsylvania Business), Underestimating Female CEOs

Minnesota Work In Progress

       Barry Feld (Minnesota Law) and Shelley Schaefer, The Right to Counsel in Juvenile Court: Law Reform, Judicious Non-Intervention, and Unintended Consequences

Northwestern Law and Economics 

       John Coates (Harvard Law), Reforming the Taxation and Regulation of Mutual Funds: A Comparative Legal and Economic Analysis


        Ruth Okediji (Minnesota Law), Beyond Fragmentation:  WIPO-WTO Relations and the Future of Global IP Norms