April 7, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Jim Krier (Michigan Law)

Chicago Law & Philosophy

John Hagan (Northwestern Sociology)

Columbia Law & Economics

Efraim Benmelech (Harvard Economics), Vintage Capital and Creditor Protection

Georgetown Law & Philosophy

Leif Wenar (Sheffield Philosophy), The Analysis of Rights

Georgetown Statutory Colloquium

Theodore Ruger (Penn Law), Gonzales v. Oregon and the Normative Constitution of American Health Care


David Arthur Skeel (Penn Law)


Kathy Zeiler (Georgetown Law), The Endowment Effect: Implications of Recent Empirical Developments for Legal Theory & Exchange Asymmetries Incorrectly Interpreted as Evidence of Endowment Effect Theory and Prospect Theory

Harvard International Law

Paul Slovic (Oregon Psychology)

Michigan International Law

Eleanor Sharpston (Advocate General, European Court of Justice), ‘Freedom, Security, and Justice’ in the European Union: The Story so Far and (some of) the Challenges for the Future

Penn Law & Philosophy

Jody Kraus (Virginia Law), The Correspondence and Divergence in Contract and Promise 


Frank Pasquale (Seton Hall Law), Taxing Tiering: Addressing Inequality in Health Care as Cross-Subsidization Declines

Seton Hall

Stephanie Ben-Ishai (York Law)

St. John’s

Rosemary C. Salomone (St. John’s Law), Official English: The Reality and the Rhetoric


Jerry L. Anderson (Drake Law), An Empirical Study of Attitudes Toward Zoning


Albert Choi (Virginia Law)

Michael Conroy (Colibri Consulting), How Civil Society is Striking Back at Neoliberal Globalization: Tales from the ‘Certification Revolution’

UC Berkeley

Richard Perry (San Jose State University), On the Strange Career of the Cultural Defense

UC Berkeley Law & Economics

Matthew Stephenson (Harvard Law) & Jide Nzelibe (Northwestern Law), Political Accountability Under Alternative Institutional Regimes

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Fiona Harrison (California Institute of Technology), Three Big Questions about the Universe (and how Astrophysicists are trying to answer them)

Yale Corporate Law

William H. McDavid (Ret. General Counsel, J.P. Morgan Chase), Enron: The Aftermath