November 7, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Randall W. Roth (Hawaii Law), The Lawyer as Whistleblower: Lessons from the Bishop Estate Controversy

Chicago-Kent Legal History

Nathan Oman (William & Mary Law), Preaching in the Courthouse and Judging in the Temple


Bethany Berger (UConn Law), Red: Uses of American Indian Race

Duke International and Comparative Law

Jean-Marie Henckaerts (Legal Advisor to the International Red Cross), The IRC Report on International Humanitarian Law and Its Critics


Jonathan Klick (Florida State Law), Cheap Donuts and Expensive Broccoli: The Effect of Relative Prices on Obesity

NYU Legal History

Sophia Lee (NYU Law, Samuel I. Golieb Fellow), “Race, Sex and Rulemaking, 1964-1977: Revising Equal Protection History, Recovering Administrative Constitutionalism” and “Almost Revolutionary: Administrative Constitutionalism, Labor Politics, and Workplace Civil Rights, 1935-1978”

Oregon Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Steven Kevan (Oregon Physics) and Greg Bothun (Oregon Physics), Physicists on Renewable Energy


Robert Ahdieh (Emory Law)


Steve Calandrillo (Washington Law), Time Well Spent: An Economic Analysis of Daylight Saving Time Legislation