November 5, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law and Philosophy

Scott Anderson (Chicago Law)

Columbia Law and Economics

Daniel E. Ho (Stanford Law), Congressional Agency Control: The Impact of Statutory Partisan Requirements on Regulation

Duke International and Comparative Law

Honorable Diane Wood (7th Circuit Fed. Ct. of Appeals), The Role of International Law in Federal Courts


Zachary Kramer (Arkansas Law), Heterosexuality and Title VII

Michigan International Law

Joanne Mariner (Human Rights Watch), The CIA’s Detention, Interrogation and Rendition Program


Jennifer Brown (Quinnipiac Law), Peacemaking in the Culture War Between Gay Rights and Religious Liberty

Queen’s Law

Christina Rodriguez (NYU Law), Immigration and Inevitability

Seton Hall

Bernard Freamon (Seton Hall Law), Ancient Slavery and Modern Trafficking: Connections and Disconnections


Anthony E. Varona (American Law), Retheorizing the Internet

Texas Human Rights

Vasuki Nesiah (International Center for Transitional Justice), Delimiting Accountability: Writing History out of Justice


Justice Jack Jacobs (Delaware Supreme Court), The Responsibilities of Directors in the New Millennium

UC Berkeley Law, Businss and the Economy

Dana Welch (Welch ADR), Ethics and the Business Lawyer

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Gary Blasi (UCLA Law), The Assault on Skid Row: Low Roads and High Roads to Reducing Chronic Homelessness


Eric Talley (UC Berkeley)