September 24, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Orly Lobel (San Diego Law)


Scott Sundby (Washington & Lee Law), War and Peace in the Jury Room: How Capital Juries Reach Unanimity

Columbia Law & Economics

Michael Kremer (Harvard Economics), Protecting Antiquities: A Role for Long-Term Leases?


Ruth O’Brien (The Graduate Center of the City University of New York), Telling Stories Out of Court: A Different Type of Legal Narration


Philippe Sands (University College London Law), Poodles and Bulldogs: the US, Britain and the International Rule of Law

Lewis & Clark

Henry Drummonds (Lewis & Clark Law), Reforming Labor Law By Reforming Preemption Doctrine and Unleashing the States

Loyola Tax Policy

Jim Repetti (Boston College Law), Democracy and Opportunity A New Paradigm for Tax Equity

Minnesota Public Law

Richard Frase (Minnesota Law), What Factors Explain Persistent Racial Disparities in Minnesota’s Prison and Jail Populations?

Seton Hall

Trevor W. Morrison (Cornell Law)

Suffolk Law & Society

Matthew Palmer (Yale Law)


David Hoffman (Temple Law), Docketology, District Courts, and Doctrine

Texas Human Rights

Karen Engle (Texas Law) & Gerald Torres (Texas Law), Indigenous Roads to Development and Indigenous Peoples, Afro-Indigenous Peoples and Reparations

UCLA Mondays

Sean Pine (UCLA Law), Developments in Information Technology for Law Faculty

USC US-China Institute

Liu Peng (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Religious Policies in China: An Overview

Washington University in St. Louis

Bob Ahdieh (Emory Law)


Kenneth Ayotte (Northwestern Law), Optimal Property Rights in Financial Contracting