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Fandom & Neomedia Studies (FANS) Conference

Call for Editors – Fandom & Neomedia Studies – Law & Politics

The Fandom and Neomedia Studies (FANS) Association, an internationally recognized academic organization, invites applications for membership in its Law and Politics Studies Area. This group will examine the interconnections between…

Association of American Law Schools (AALS)

CFP: The Use of Nonprofit Organizations in Political Campaigns – AALS 2018 – San Diego, CA

The AALS Section on Nonprofit and Philanthropy Law, in co-sponsorship with the Section on Election Law is pleased invites proposals relating to The Use of Nonprofit Organizations in Political Campaigns….

Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences

Law in Transition – Interacting Legal Orders & Changing Actors – Aarhus, Denmark

The INTRAlaw (INternational and TRAnsnational tendencies in LAW) Research Centre, Aarhus University, presents Law in Transition—Interacting Legal Orders and Changing Actors Sept. 28–29, 2017. Abstracts are due June 1, 2017….

Newcastle University (UK)

Anonymity Unmasked – Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Newcastle University presents Anonymity Unmasked: Identity, Agency, Responsibility Sept. 13–15, 2017. Abstracts were due March 24, 2017. The Anonymity Conference is an interdisciplinary, trans-historical conference taking place at Newcastle University…

University of Manchester

Change of Law in a Democratic State – Manchester, UK

The Manchester Centre for Political Theory (University of Manchester) presents Change of Law in a Democratic State: Normative Foundations and Factual Processes Sept. 11–13, 2017. Abstracts are due by June…

Latina & Latino Critical Legal Theory, Inc. (LatCrit)

LatCrit XXI, LatCritSALT Jr. Faculty Devel. Workshop – Orlando, FL

The Twenty-First LatCrit Conference (LatCritXXI), 2016 Election: What Next?, takes place Sept. 29–30, 2017, in Orlando. Abstracts are due by May 15, 2017. we invite papers, panels, roundtables, workshops and…

St. Mary's University Twickenham London

Anarchy (Law & Culture Conference) – Twickenham, UK

The Centre for Law and Culture, St. Mary’s University Twickenham, London, presents Anarchy, The Law and Culture Conference, Sept. 7–8, 2017. Proposals are due by May 14, 2017. “We welcome…

Faulkner Law

Role of Executive in Anglo-Am. Legal Tradition – Montomery, AL

The Faulknor Law Review presents The Role of the Executive in the Anglo-American Legal Tradition Oct. 2–3, 2017. Papers will be published in a symposium issue, volume 9. “[T]his issue…

Law and Memory in Established Democracies–Bologna, Italy

Humanities in the European Research Area and Memory Law in European and Comparative Perspective presents a conference entitled, “Law and Memory in Established Democracies” at the University of Bologna in…

Columbia Journal of Transnational Law

CFP: International Impact of Trump Presidency

The Columbia Journal of Transnational Law will devote a special section of the Journal’s online companion, The Bulletin, to essays and commentary on the potential impact of the U.S. election…