Funding Opportunities – Research on National Security, Natural Disasters, Socioeconomic and Political Crises

Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions, University of Haifa

The Minerva Center for the Study of the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa (Faculty of Law and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies), invites proposals for research activities, as outlined below.

The General Purpose of the Minerva Center is to serve as an international venue and transnational forum for the study, research, training, education and publication in the areas of institutional, cultural, socioeconomic and policy aspects of the rule of law under the extreme conditions:

  • National security emergencies  – wars, terrorism, counter terrorism, cyber and military actions
  • Natural and man-made disasters – epidemics, floods, storms, fires, tsunamis and earthquakes, including induced man-made natural disasters
  • Socioeconomic and political crises – economic meltdowns and severe sociopolitical fragmentation

The Minerva Center may fund:

  1. Graduate student (doctoral and master) scholarships.  These are available for students enrolled at the University of Haifa. (Applicants not yet enrolled at the University of Haifa but with appropriate topics may send a query to Dr. Ben Gal to see if there is a potential matching of interests with mentors)
  2. Post-doctoral fellowships  / visiting researchers (short and longer term)
  3. Seed money for research proposals – up to $5000
  4. Support for on-going research – up to $5000
  5. Workshops, colloquia and conferences – up to $5000
  6. Development of empirical databases – up to $5000
  7. Publications of relevant research products – up to $2500


Scholars, faculty members, young scientists, post-doctoral and graduate students, subject experts, policy and legal advisors.

Potential Interacting Disciplines:

Law, sociology, history, economics, political science and international studies, planning, media studies, psychology, geography, environmental studies, philosophy, public policy and administration, public health and medicine. The Center aims to be a venue for systematic and cross-cultural learning and research, using various methodologies, qualitative, quantitative and mixed.

Submit Proposals – up to 5 pages specifying submission category (1-7 above).  For categories 3 and 4 please include: research description, goals, innovation, methodology and budget; For all other categories please include areas of focus, goals, expected outputs.  All applications must be accompanied by a curriculum vita of applicant(s) and two names of potential recommenders familiar with his/her abilities.

Deadline:   February 7, 2020 to: Dr. Michal Ben Gal, Minerva Center Research Coordinator

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