Global Citizenship Law Project – Research Associates, Research Fellow – Florence, Italy, and Berlin, Germany

Global Citizenship Governance (GCG)

The Global Citizenship Law Project, funded by an ERC starting Grant and co-hosted by the European University Institute (Florence) and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center (Berlin) has three vacancies:

  1. Global Citizenship and Technology (Research Associate) – Florence.The research focus will be on: [1] blockchain technology, “cloud communities,” and the future of citizenship; [2] matching algorithm for immigration selection; [3] “algorithmic citizenship” and identity. Salary: approx. 2,000 EUR/net per month.Duration: one year (flexible & renewable).Deadline: July 1, 2017.Details about the vacancy are available here.
  1. Naturalization Law: A Global Perspective (Research Associate) – Florence.The research seeks to develop a global database on naturalization conditions and methods.Salary: approx. 2,000 EUR/net per month. Duration: one year (flexible & renewable). Deadline: July 1, 2017. Details about the vacancy are available here.
  1. International Law and Governance of Citizenship (Research Fellow, Ph.D. Candidate) – Berlin. The research addresses the concept of citizenship in international law, its global allocation, and the international structure for governing it. Duration: up to four years. Deadline: July 31, 2017.Details about the vacancy are available here.

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