The Future of Sovereign Wealth Funds– Winston-Salem, NC

Wake Forest University School of Law

The Wake Forest Law Review presents a symposium entitled, “The Future of Sovereign Wealth Funds” at Wake Forest University School of Law on Mar. 24, 2017.

Sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) have emerged over the last decade as an important new force in global finance.

As state-owned financial intermediaries, SWFs have both unique funding sources and investment goals.  Whether funded by oil revenues or excess export earnings, SWFs have tended to allocate their investment portfolios across assets classes, regions and industries in ways different from other financial intermediaries.  In short, SWFs represent a new and largely unregulated investor paradigm.

The symposium will explore the legal and financial future of SWFs — including for the states that fund them, the countries and companies in which they invest, and the (emerging) systems of hard and soft law that govern their activities.

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