Call for Proposals: Critical Legal Conference – Catastrophe – Coventry, UK

Warwick Law School

The Warwick Law School hosts the 2017 Critical Legal Conference at the University of Warwick September 1-3, 2017. Organizers first invite panel and stream proposals to clcwarwick[@] Proposals should address some aspect of particular critical thinkers or particular aspects of critical theory or critical legal studies, “in other words, in the best traditions of the CLC, whatever you would like to think about with others.

Deadline for panel and stream proposals: February 28, 2017. The call for papers will open after that. For a panel proposal, please provide a title, the contributers and a brief description. For a stream proposal please send a description no longer than 300 words.

The 2017 Critical Legal Conference calls for streams, panels, and papers that “reflect upon ‘catastrophe’; on the catastrophes of our time and upon their interrelations; upon the questions of appropriate behaviours that might emerge and sides that might be taken.” Specific suggestions include the following:

– Increasing brutality and violence of the carceral and security state;
– War, migration, and refugee crises;
– Racism, xenophobia, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia and countless forms of day to day violence;
– On the atmospheres of violence under regimes of Modi, Temer, Trump, Brexit or Erdogan
– Natural disasters and the effects of climate change in the anthropocene;
– Forms of colonialism, neocolonialism and economic imperialism driven by capitalism and neoliberal ideologies;
– Crises of care and depletion of the social reproductive capacities under global capitalism;
– Rampant fear-mongering and the political exploitation of deprivation.
– Catastrophe, disaster and crisis as modes of biopolitics, governance or accumulation

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Reference Librarian, Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University