Fashion Law – Green Is the New Black – Los Angeles, CA


The Loyola Law School Fashion Law Project will host a Symposium called Green is the New Black – Sustainability in Fashion on April 1, 2016.

Some say that fashion is just the same idea recycled time and time again. Yet entrepreneurs continue to launch new ventures, companies continue to innovate, and brands evolve to meet the needs of today’s highly connected consumer. So if nothing is “new,” why does fashion’s $350 billion industry continue to not only grow, but also thrive?

Join us on April 1, 2016 at Loyola’s Spring Fashion Law Symposium to answer this question, discuss challenges to sustaining a fashion brand in an ever-changing industry, introduce new developments in fashion as a leader in technology, and ask why “green” is truly the new black!

Topic one: Good Things Come in Green Packages: Sustainability in the Supply Change

Topic two: Touch Love: Sustaining a Fashion Brand from Start-Up to Scale

Topic three: Truth in Advertising: The Art of Storytelling Within Federal Trade Commission Rules

Topic four:3D Technology: The Disruption of Fashion or the Next Big Thing?

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