Bond v. U.S.—Treaty Power—South Bend, IN

University of Notre Dame Law School

The Notre Dame Law Review presents its annual Symposium Nov. 14, 2014. It will focus on the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Bond v. United States. The symposium will examine the Treaty Power, addressing both structural constitutional concerns and the practical ramifications of the Court’s decision for treaty interpretation and implementation.

The Keynote will be delivered by former Solicitor General Paul D. Clement who argued the case before the Supreme Court on behalf of Bond. The participating scholars are Roger P. Alford, Curtis A. Bradley, Duncan B. Hollis, Saikrishna Prakash, Michael D. Ramsey, David L. Sloss, Paul B. Stephan, Edward T. Swaine, and Ingrid B. Wuerth.

Co-sponsored by:  Notre Dame Law Review and the Program on Constitutional Structure.

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