Call for Participation: Comparative Urban Law Conference – DEADLINE UPDATE

The Fordham Urban Law Center is pleased to announce a call for participation for the Comparative Urban Law Conference, which will be held on Monday, June 30, 2014 at Loyola Hall, University of London.
The Conference will gather legal and other scholars for a provocative, engaging conversation about the field of “urban law” from an international, comparative, and interdisciplinary perspective.  The Conference will focus on the nature and boundaries of urban law as a discipline, which participants will explore through overlapping themes such as the structure of local authority and autonomy and the role of law in urban policy areas such as environmental sustainability, consumer protection, public health, housing, and criminal justice, among others.  The goal is to facilitate an in-depth exploration across sub-specialties within the legal academy to help develop an understanding of urban law in the twenty-first century.
Deadline: February 26, 2014. Potential participants in panels and workshops throughout the day should submit a one-page proposal to Professor Nestor Davidson at ndavidson[@]  If you are already working on a draft paper, please include that draft with your submission, but participants do not need to have prepared a formal paper to join the conversation.  We will discuss potential publishing options available as a result of conference participation.  Please contact Annie Decker at adecker2[@] with any questions.