GlobalTrust Project Fellowships—Tel Aviv, Israel

The GlobalTrust Project at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, directed by Professor Eyal Benvenisti, invites candidates interested in exploring themes related to this project, to apply for:

  • One post-doctoral fellowship ($25,000 per one year)
  • Two doctoral fellowships ($20,000 per year, up to three years)
  • Two visiting fellowships ($1,500 per month, between 3-6 months).

Do states, when they exercise their domestic regulatory functions, have an obligation to take into account the interests of foreign individuals and communities who could be adversely affected? Should national legislators and government agencies integrate foreign stakeholders into their decision-making processes? Must states share with strangers their scarce national resources and in general contribute to global welfare? These are some of the key questions that the project “Sovereigns as Trustees of Humanity: The Obligations of Nations in an Era of Global interdependence” (GlobalTrust) sets out to explore. This project is informed by the observation that when setting national policies, states routinely affect foreigners in faraway countries often without providing them with adequate opportunities to participate in shaping those policies.

See GlobalTrust Call for Applications 2014-5. More information is here.