Dept. of State / U.S.A.I.D. Franklin Fellowships

Professionals (including academics) with at least five years experience may apply for the unpaid Franklin Fellows Program. Apply via

The Franklin Fellows Program is a unique and innovative executive development vehicle via which the government taps citizensÂ’ knowledge and which enables approved organizations to promote public service by their professionals. Mid-career and more senior Franklin Fellows, both sponsored and self-nominated, work on global issues of vital importance to the United States, such as the environment; counterterrorism; human rights; consular matters; international development assistance; HIV/AIDS and other trans-national diseases; trade, energy and financial policy; and many others.

Franklin Fellows may interact via the interagency process with other government and international entities, such as the NSC, the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, other Executive Branch agencies and the United Nations. They will return to their home organizations and communities with a much-enhanced knowledge of foreign and development policy issues and government operations and culture. Particularly if your organization has an international focus or does business abroad, the Franklin Fellows Program is an ideal way to position your organization to excel.