Call for Papers—Trade and Climate Change

The WTO Chair at FLACSO Argentina opens a call for papers and essays for the FLACSO Argentina WTO Chair Award, 2013 edition. (FLACSO is Facultad Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales, Latin American School of Social Sciences.) The submission deadline is Oct. 28, 2013.

The FLACSO Argentina WTO Chair Award rewards creative, pro-active and soundly argued works on developing countries and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The topic for this year is the relation between trade and climate change. Adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change is the single most important public policy challenge from a sustainable development perspective. Especially for developing and least-developed countries, that tends to be less resilient. It is clear that the international community must assume commitments to face climate change. Simultaneously, in order to promote economic growth and human development, it is necessary to guarantee that the solutions adopted do not impair or undermine the rules-based multilateral trade system.

Therefore, the Chair welcomes both theoretical as well as empirical studies addressing the problems and challenges in regards to trade and climate change. The papers may deal with institutional and political aspects as well as the economic and social impacts. The works addressing the challenges of developing countries will be given preference. Some of the suggested topics are:

  • Trade in agriculture and climate change
  • Public procurement of environmental goods and services
  • Economic analysis of climate change
  • Subsidies, natural resources and climate change
  • Technical barriers to trade and environmental labeling
  • Intellectual property, technology transfer, and climate change
  • Special and differential treatment and climate change

The full call for papers is available (in English, Spanish, and Portuguese) here.