Social Transformation & Policy in 21st Century China — Melbourne, Australia

The Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies (CCCS), Asia Institute, at the University of Melbourne, and School of Sociology and Population Studies at Renmin University of China are jointly hosting the 2013 Melbourne-Renda International Conference, Social Transformation and Policy in 21st Century China, at the University of Melbourne Mon.-Tues., Aug. 12-13, 2013. Abstracts should be submitted by May 24, 2013.

The conference is designed to be inclusive and interdisciplinary, but will focus on the following broad areas:1. Demographic trends and policy responses
2. Social inequality and policy interventions
3. Social conflicts and mass protests in China
4. China’s fertility trends, aging population and aged-care systems
5. Changing family values, structure and functions
6. Urbanisation, migration and community development
7. Ethnicity and minority groups in China
8. Gender-related issues in contemporary China
9. China’s environment problems and public health issues
10. Social policy and the roles of NGOs and other welfare agencies
11. Social risk, social inclusion and social policy design in China
12. Social science methodologies in transforming Chinese society
13. Social welfare (‘welfare state’) reforms in China
14. Comparative perspectives on social policy and social transformation