Call for Applications: GlobalTrust Research Project

CaptureThe GlobalTrust Project at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law invites applications for two visiting fellowships ($1,500 per month, between 3-6 months).

The project…will explore questions such as: • The possible moral and legal grounds for requiring states to take into account and accommodate the interests of individuals and communities in other countries. • The genealogy of the concept of sovereignty as entailing obligations toward others (derived from notions such as common humanity, society of states, international community, etc.). • The possible institutional mechanisms (such as international and national courts) that could legitimize the external monitoring and review of states’ compliance with such other-regarding obligations. • Specific assessment of the obligations that states owe to foreigners abroad in different areas of international and constitutional law (e.g., human rights law, international humanitarian law, investments and trade law, environment law, etc.).

Deadline: April 1, 2013 im