American Society of International Law Arthur C. Helton Fellowship

The American Society of International Law (ASIL) is now accepting applications for the Arthur C. Helton Fellowship Program, established in 2004 to “provide financial assistance in the form of “micro-grants” for law students and young professionals to pursue field work and research on significant issues involving international law, human rights, humanitarian affairs, and related areas.”


Fellows must undertake their fieldwork between April 2013 and September 2013 in association with an established educational institution, international organization, or non-governmental organization working in areas related to international law, human rights, and humanitarian affairs.


Applicants must also be sponsored or affiliated, for purposes of completing their project, in some way with an educational institution, international organization, or non-governmental organization working in international law, human rights, humanitarian affairs, or related areas. Applicants should have contacted the sponsoring organization to discuss their proposal prior to applying for the Helton Fellowship. The name of the sponsoring organization and contact information for its representatives must be included in the application.

Deadline: January 7, 2013 by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time im

Application Materials

Completed applications will consist of the following materials:

  • Online application form, including description of intended project, career statement, and funding sources
  • Writing Sample
  • Current CV or resume
  • Confirmation of law student status and/or date of graduation from a law school
  • Two letters of recommendation/support, including one from sponsoring organization

 Writing Sample: The writing sample may take the form of any published or unpublished document which demonstrates in-depth research, critical thinking, and analysis of a topic related to international law. Excerpts of more lengthy documents may also be submitted. However, writing samples should be no longer than 10 pages.

Current CV or Resume: All applicants must submit an updated curriculum vitae or resume, which includes contact information, education, professional employment or volunteer history, and special skills and interests.

Student Status/Date of Graduation: Applicants are required to provide documentation indicating current status or date of graduation. The following documentation will be accepted: photocopy of valid student identification; photocopy or facsimile of current official or unofficial transcript indicating student status; photocopy or facsimile of official or unofficial transcript indicating graduation date; photocopy or facsimile of diploma.

Letters of Recommendation/Support: One letter of recommendation should come from any individual who is in a position to assess academic performance, professional skills and expertise, and any other qualifications for selection as a Helton Fellow (e.g. current or former professor or supervisor). The second should be a letter of support or sponsorship from the educational institution, international organization, or non-governmental organization that has agreed to sponsor the project.

The writing sample, current curriculum vitae or resume, and documentation confirming student status or graduation date should be submitted as a package if possible. Letters of recommendation and support may be submitted separately if necessary.

Applicants will be considered by the Helton Fellowship Selection Committee on the basis of the written materials included in the application package. No interviews, or any other communications with applicants, will be conducted.

Awards will be announced by mid-February 2013. The Fellowship Selection Committee is unable to respond to individual requests for information about the status of applications prior to this date.

Applicants are required to complete an online application form and submit related materials in a timely fashion to the Helton Fellowship Program at fellowship[@] Materials that can not be transmitted electronically may be faxed to the ASIL Helton Fellowship Program at + 1 202 797 7133.

Online Application:  Applicants are asked to provide basic biographical information and brief descriptions of intended projects and career statements. Emailed or faxed applications forms will not be accepted without prior written approval. The online application should be completed before other application materials are submitted.