Calendar Down; How to Search This Blog

Dear Readers,

Some changes at WordPress led to some changes in our site this week.

  • For now, the calendar isn’t working. You can still navigate to, say, April 2012, but you don’t see any of the posts. And we aren’t able to add anything new to the calendar.
  • The search box that used to be below the calendar is gone.

If you miss these features, here is a kluge: use Google to search the Legal Scholarship Blog. In a Google search box, type your search and add  For example:

  • “searle center”
  • “los angeles” empirical

You can even use this to make up for the loss of the calendar. For example:

  • deadline march 2012
  • conference july 2012

We’re working on improving the site.

In the meantime, we’re always interested in your feedback. Is the calendar a feature that you use? Do you miss it?