Law of Obligations – London, Ontario

The Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario hosts the Sixth Biennial Conference on the Law of Obligations July 18-20, 2012. The theme of the conference is Challenging Orthodoxy. The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 13, 2011.

The Obligations series of conferences originated at the University of Melbourne in 2002, and has since become one of the leading private law conferences in the common law world. The conferences have been held at the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, and the National University of Singapore. Mostly recently, the Obligations V Conference was held at the University of Oxford. 2012 will mark the first time that the conference will be held in North America.

Scholars working in the fields of contract, tort, unjust enrichment, equity or private law theory are invited to submit proposals for papers addressing the conference theme. The theme is intended to encourage scholars to question some of the common law’s established rules and approaches and to propose novel solutions to old problems. . . . Junior scholars and those currently engaged in graduate degrees in law are encouraged to apply.