February 16, 2011 Colloquia/Workshops

Columbia Health Law and Society

Scott Hemphill (Columbia Law) and Bhaven Sampat (Columbia Public Health)

Earle Mack

Kimberley Mutcherson (Rutgers-Camden Law) presents “Feel Like Making Babies? Mapping the Borders of the Right to Procreate in a Post-Coital World.

This paper is not publicly available.


Jim Greiner (Harvard Law) presents “What Difference Representation?

This paper is publicly available.


Kunal Parker (Miami Law) presents “Historicizing Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England Difference and Sameness.

This paper is not available through the Social Science Research Network, but may be obtained through Miami’s site here.

Penn State

The Law School hosts the Pennsylvania Constitutional Review Commission.