October 7, 2010 Colloquia/Workshops

Florida State

E. Lea Johnston (UF Levin College of Law)


Kimani Paul-Emile (Fordham)

George Washington

Julie Cromer Young (Thomas Jefferson Law) presents “Death Plus Seventy: Copyright in Memoriam.”

This paper is publicly available.

University of Illinois

Ted Sichelman (San Diego Law)


Tun-Jen Chiang (George Mason Law)


I. Glenn Cohen (Harvard Law) presents “Well, What About the Children?: Best Interests Reasoning, the New Eugenics, and the Regulation of Reproduction.”

This paper is  publicly available.

Jennifer E. Rothman (Loyola Law) presents “The Alienability of the Right of Publicity.”

This paper is  not publicly available.

Penn State

Penn State Law hosts its “7th Annual Institute on Corporate, Securities, and Related Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions,” which will be held at the New York Bar.

Santa Clara Social Justice

Beth Van Schaack (Santa Clara Law) presents “A Feminist Review of the Crime of Aggression.”

This paper is  not publicly available.

Toronto Feminism and Law

Philomila Tsoukala (Georgetown Law) presents “Marrying Family Law to the Nation.” This presentation is co-sponsored by the Toronto Globalization, Law and Justice Workshops.

This paper is  publicly available.

Washington University in St. Louis

Henry Smith (Harvard Law) presents “An Economic Analysis of Law Versus Equity.”

This paper is  not publicly available.

Yale Economics and Organization

Bert Huang (Columbia Law)