September 24, 2010 Colloquia / Workshops

University of Illinois

Bernard Black (Northwestern Law) presents “Is Delaware Losing its Cases?

 This paper is publicly available.

Queen’s University

Jill Fisch (UPenn Law) presents “Proxy Access and the Limitations of the SEC Rule-Making Process.”

This paper is  not publicly available.

San Diego Law

The Constitutional Originalism Center brings Christopher Green (University of Mississippi Department of Law).

Toronto Legal Theory

David Velleman (NYU Philosophy) and Herlinde Pauer-Studer (University of Vienna Department of Philosophy)


Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law) presents “The Thing Itself: The Preference for In-Kind Over Monetary Redress.”

This paper is  not publicly available.

University of Southern California

Nina Walton (USC Law) presents “On the Optimal Allocation of Power Between Shareholders and Managers.”

This paper is  publicly available.


Deborah Hellman (University of Maryland Law)