Property and Psychology – Syracuse, NY

Syracuse University College of Law hosts the Second Annual Property and Psychology Roundtable Workshop June 7-8, 2010.

  • Karen Neary, University of Waterloo Psychology Department: Artifacts and Natural Kinds: How Children Judge Whether Objects Are Owned. Discussant: Jeanine Skorinko, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Stephanie M. Stern, Chicago-Kent College of Law: Regulatory and Ownership Perceptions: An Empirical Analysis of Regulatory versus Physical Takings.
  • Jay Hook, Harvard Law School: Psychology of Property. Discussant: Oliver Goodenough, Vermont Law School
  • Alex Shaw, Yale University Department of Psychology: Ideas as Property: Children Apply Ownership to Ideas. Discussant: Jeremy A. Blumenthal, Syracuse University College of Law
  • Terry Turnipseed, Syracuse University College of Law: Is Voting in Churches Unconstitutional? Discussant: Robin Paul Malloy, Syracuse University College of Law
  • Jeffrey Stake, Indiana University Maurer School of Law: What is “Just Compensation”? Discussant: Meera Adya, Syracuse University, Burton Blatt Institute

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