Call for Papers – Journal of Law, Information and Science

The Journal of Law, Information and Science is a well established refereed journal published by the Law School of the University of Tasmania which has specialised in legal issues arising from the relationship between law and information technology and law and science. It has recently been relaunched to cover law and science as well as law and IT.

The journal is now accepting articles, papers and reviews for publication in an issue in the second half of the year. Intending contributors are invited to submit proposed articles and other material within the journalÂ’s field of interest by the middle of May. We offer a special invitation to contributors from outside Australia as we are keen to raise the international profile of the journal and to contributions from post graduate students and young researchers as we believe that they often have the best ideas in new areas of research. Contributions may be submitted as email attachments to the editor, Michael Stokes, at the Law School, University of Tasmania, at the following address:

Michael.Stokes [at]

Contributions must be submitted in English. The journal is published in conformity with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation which can be viewed on the internet at:

Please submit papers in this reference style.

All enquiries may be sent to the editor at the same address.

Michael Stokes