March 12th Colloquia/Workshops


       Ronald Krotoszynski (Alabama Law),  A Man for All Seasons: Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr. and the Quest to Secure the Rule of Law


       Matthew Alder (Columbia Law), Well-Being and Equity: A Framework for Policy Analysis


       Brian T. Fitzpatrick (Vanderbilt Law), Class Action Settlements and Their Fee Awards

New England Law

       Hugh W. Baxter (Boston University Law), Paul Schiff Berman (Arizona State Law),Heather Elliott (Alabama Law) David G. Post (Temple Law), Jay D. Wexler (Boston University Law), Symposium on the Jurisprudence of U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Northwestern Law and Economics

       Lee Fannell (Chicago Law), Adjusting Alienability


      Frank Michelman (Harvard Law), “Residual Freedom” and Constitutional Comparison

Yale Law and Economics

       Edward Morrison (Columbia Law), Creditor Control and Conflict in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy