February 25th Colloquia/Workshops


       Daphne Barak-Erez (Tel Aviv Law), The Institutional Aspects of Comparative Law


      Susan Bandes (DePaul Law)

Florida State

       Hope Babcock (Georgetown Law)

Georgetown Law and Philosophy

       David Brink (U.C. San Diego Philosophy)

Harvard Health Law

       Ted Marmor (Yale Management), Comparative Perspectives and Policy Learning in the World of Health Care


       Oren Bracha (Texas Law), The Ideology of Authorship, Revisited

NYU Legal History

       Michael Klarman (Harvard Law), Backlash: The Occasionally Perverse Consequences of Court Decisions”


       Lackland M. Bloom (SMU Law)

Stanford Environmental and Natural Resources Law

       Tim Quinn (Association of California Water Agencies), Water Supply Reliability in a World of Shortages

USC Law History And Culture

       Ronald Dworkin (NYU Law)