February 19th Colloquia/Workshops


       Franco Ferrari (Columbia Law), Homeward Trend and Lex Forism Despite Uniform Sales Law

Drake Constitutional Law

       Phoebe Haddon (Temple Law), Can the U.S. Supreme Court’s Keyes Desegregation Decision Unlock Opportunities to Rethink Brown in the 21st Century

Minnesota Faculty Works in Progress

       Gregory S. Alexander (Cornell Law), The Social Obligation Norm in American Property Law

Northwestern Law and Economics

       Albert Choi (Virginia Law), Shrink Wraps: Who Should Bear the Cost of Communicating Mass-Market Contract Terms

NYU Tax Policy

      Yoram Margalioth (Tel Aviv Law), Employing Statistical Stigma as a Welfare Ordeal

SMU Tax Policy

       Gregg D. Polsky (Florida State Law) & Brant J. Hellwig (South Carolina Law), Taxing Structured Settlements


       Tim Terrell (Emory Law), The Challenge of Legal Writing Training in Law School and Law Practice

UCLA Tax Policy and Public Finance

       Neil Buchanan (George Washington Law), What Do We Owe Future Generations?

USC Law History and Culture

       Steven Pincus (Yale History), Revolution in Political Economy

Wake Forest

       Craig Boise (Case Western Law), Breaking Open Offshore Piggybanks:  Redux


       Jon Eddy (Washington Law), Current Trends in Legal Education in Afghanistan

Yale Legal Theory

        Daryl Levinson (Harvard Law)