February 12th Colloquia/Workshops


       Hon. Ed Carnes (U.S. 11th Cir.)

Boston University

       Reva Siegel (Yale Law)

Brooklyn Law

       Christopher Slobogin (Vanderbilt Law), Juvenile Justice: The Fourth Option


       Alon Klement (Columbia Law), Contractualizing Procedure

Florida State

        David Duff (Toronto Law), Tax Fairness and Tax Mix


        Risa Goluboff (Columbia Law), The Lost Promise of Civil Rights”, Intro, Chapter 9: “Brown and the Remaking of Civil Rights


       John Yoo (Berkeley Law)

Minnesota Works in Progress

       William McGeveran (Minnesota Law), A Free Speech Amendment for the Lanham Act

Northwestern Law and Political Economics

       Jonah Gelbach (Arizona Economics)

Santa Clara Social Justice

       Elizabeth Birch (Birch & Company), Social Justice Lawyering: Equality for the LGBT Community

Stanford Law and Economics

       Steven Shavell (Harvard Law), On the Design of the Appeals Process: The Optimal Use of Discretionary Review versus Direct Appeal

Toronto Health Law

       Aeyal Gross (Tel Aviv Law), The Right to Health in the Era of Privatization: Public Health/Private Rights or Private Health/Public Rights

Yale Law and Economics

       James Snyder (MIT Poli. Sci.), The Returns to U.S. Congressional Seats in the Mid-19th Century