January 30th Colloquia/Workshops

Arizona Economics, Law, and the Environment

       David Sunding (Berkeley ARE)


       Bradley T. Borden (Washburn Law), Open Tenancies in Common

Georgia International Law

       Carlos M. Vazquez (Georgetown Law), Not a Happy Precedent: The Story of Ex parte Quirin

International Criminal Court

       Kevin Jon Heller (Melbourne Law), Situational Gravity Under the Rome Statute


      Katherine T. Bartlett (Duke Law), Good Intentions, Unconscious Bias and the Law


       Kerry Ryan (SLU Law)

New York Clinical Theory

       Peter Joy (Washington Law) and Robert R. Kuehn (Alabama Law), Lawyering in the Academy: The Intersection of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility

Ohio State

       David Jinks (Texas Law)

UC Hastings

       Adam Kolber (San Diego Law), The Comparative Nature of Punishment