November 17th Colloquia/Workshops

Arizona State

       Brian Bix (Minnesota Law), Pluralism and Decentralization in Marriage Regulation

Columbia Law and Economics

       Alison Morantz (Stanford Law), Rethinking the Great Compromise: What Happens When Large Companies Opt out of Workers’ Compensation?


       Randall Thomas (Vanderbilt Law)

New York Law and Security

       David Bowker, Unwise Counsel in the Wake of 9/11: How Bad Legal Advice and the Avoidance of Process Led to Unlawful Conduct in the War on Terrorism

Northwestern Law and Political Economy

       Nancy Scherer (Wellesley Poli Sci), Does Descriptive Race Representation Enhance Institutional Legitimacy? The Case of the U.S. Courts

UC Berkeley CSLS

       Trina Jones (UC Irvine Law), Political Accountability and Expertise in Administrative Law: Lessons from the U.S. Endangered Species Act

USC Law and Philosophy

       Leslie Greene (Oxford), Law as a Means


       Howell Jackson (Harvard Law)