October 20th Colloquia/Workshops

Boston College Legal History

       Anthony Taussig (London), English Legal Manuscripts – Building a Collection

Columbia Law and Economics

       Kathryn F. Spier (Harvard Law), Naked Exclusion: An Experimental Study of Contracts with Externalities

Georgia State Practitioner in Residence

       Robert Keith

Loyola Tax Policy

       Steven BankKirk Stark (UCLA Law), War and Taxes

Northwestern Law and Political Economy 

        Eileen Braman (Indiana Political Science), No Eyes but Our Own: How Political Views Influence Normative Legal Reasoning Processes

UC Berkeley CSLS

       John Monahan (Virginia Law), Lawyers at Mid-Career: A 20-Year Longitudinal Study of Job and Life Satisfaction

USC Law and Philosophy

       Jules Coleman (Yale Law), Rethinking Legal Positivism

USC Communication Law and Policy

       Jeffrey Lax (Columbia Political Science)


       Henry Hansmann (Yale Law), Globalizing Commercial Litigation