September 25 Colloquia/Workshops

Harvard Health Law Policy Biotechnology, and Bioethics

       Henry Grabowski (Duke Economics), Priority Review Vouchers to Encourage Innovation for Neglected Diseases


       Samuel Issacharoff (NYU Law)


       Kim Krawiec (North Carolina Law)

Michigan Law and Economics

       John Pfaff (Fordham Law), The Myths and Realites of Correctional Severity: Evidence from the National Corrections Reporting Program

Minnesota Work in Progress

       Daniel Schwarcz (Minnesota Law), The British Approach to Consumer Financial Disputes: A Model for Reform in Insurance Law and Beyond

Northwestern Law and Economics

       Jody S. Kraus (Virgina Law), Contract Design and the Structure of Contractual Intent

Oregon Enviromental and Natural Resource Law

       Alexander Murphy (Oregon Geography), The Geopolitical Implications of Climate Change

Penn Law and Economy

       Mark Roe (Harvard Law), Public and Private Enforcement of Securities Law: Resource Based Evidence


       Peter H. Schuck (Yale Law)


       Cally Jordan (Melbourne Law), Legal Origins Revisited: The Case of Corporate Governance

Yale Economics and Organization

      Amy Finkelstein (MIT Economics), Estimating Welfare in Inurance Markets Using Variation in Prices