April 17, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Boston College Tax Policy

Paul Caron (Cincinnati Law), The Story of Murphy:  A New Front in the War Against the Income Tax

Note:  Professor Caron will be blogging on this paper today here.

Boston University

Scott Moss (Colorado Law), O Brave New World That Has Such Creatures Evidence: An Economic Analysis Of Courts’ Misguided Rules On Discovery Of Digital Evidence

Chicago Family, Sex, and Gender

Elizabeth Emens (Columbia Law), Intimate Discrimination


Richard Briffault (Columbia Law), A Special Case?: Corporations and Campaign Finance


Jeanne C. Fromer (Fordham Law)


Fernanda Nicola (American University Law), Invisible Cities: Markets, Distribution and Development in European Union Law


Allan Hutchinson (Osgoode Law), The Province of Jurisprudence Revisited


Naomi Mezey (Georgetown Law)

Minnesota Faculty Works

Ed McCaffery (USC Law), Towards a Unified Theory of Tax and Property

NYU Tax Policy & Public Finance

David Gamage (UC Berkeley Law), Optimal Tax Theory Meets Tax Avoidanc: A Tentative Defense of “Double Taxation”

Northwestern Tax

Diane Ring (Boston College Law), Sovereignty and International Tax


Susan Klein (Texas Law)


Mariano-Florentino Cuellar (Stanford Law), “Securing” the Bureaucracy: The Federal Security Agency and the Political Design of Legal Mandates, 1939-1953


Ran Hirschl (Toronto Law)


Sai Prakash (San Diego Law), The Seperation and Overlap of War and Military Powers

UCLA Legal Theory

Joshua Cohen (Stanford Political Science), Politics, Power, and Public Reason


Amy Wildermuth (Utah Law), The Failed Mead Experiment – A Critical Review of the Skidmore Revival

Yale Legal Theory

Randy Barnett (Georgetown Law), The Misconceived Assumption About Constitutional Assumptions