April 9, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago International Law

Tom Ginsburg (Illinois Law), International Delegation Through Treaties: The Nth Power


Michal Gal (Haifa Law)


David Garland (NYU Sociology), Peculiar Institution: Capital Punishment and American Society

Michigan Tax Policy

David Gamage (UC Berkeley Law), Optimal Tax Theory Meets Tax Avoidance: A Tentative Defense of “Double Taxation”

NYU Legal History

Sophia Lee (NYU Law, Golieb Fellow), Hotspots in a Cold War: The NAACP’s Postwar Workplace Constitutionalism, 1948-1964 & Chapter 4 – Almost Revolutionary: Administrative Constitutionalism, Labor Politics & Workplace Civil Rights, 1935-1978

Oregon Environment and Natural Resources Law

Kathy Cashman (Oregon Geology), Geologic Perspectives on Paleoclimate

Toronto Tax Law & Policy

Paul Caron (Cincinnati Law), Murphy vs. IRS: Another Front in the War Against the Income Tax

UC Hastings

Hadar Aviram (UC Hastings Law)


Frank Valdes (Miami Law)