February 29, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Crime & Punishment

Sheldon Lyke (Chicago Sociology)


Dayna Brown Matthew (Colorado Law), Race, Religion and Informed Consent — Lessons from Social Science


Heather Gerken (Yale Law)

Duke Global Law

Russell A. Miller (Washington & Lee Law), Comparative Law in the Era of Global Terrorism: A Case Study for Germany’s Militant Democracy


Beverly Moran (Vanderbilt Law), Adam Smith and the Search for an Ideal Tax System

Florida State

Lonny Hoffman (Houston Law), Burn Up the Chaff with Unquenchable Fire: Constructing a Sustainable Theory of Judicial Regulatory Power Over Pleading Norms

Georgia International Law

Tonya Putnam (Columbia Political Science), Beyond Presumption?: Explaining Extraterritorial Variation over Civil Claims


Jennifer Mnookin (UCLA Law)


Brian Levack (Texas History), The Prosecution of Sexual Crimes in Early Eighteenth-Century Scotland

UCLA Faculty Fridays

Jennifer Gordon (Fordham Law) & Robin Lenhardt (Fordham Law), Rethinking Work and Citizenship


Norman Spaulding (Stanford Law), Professional Independence in the Office of the Attorney General

Vanderbilt Faculty Presentations

Owen D. Jones (Vanderbilt Law), Harm and Punishment: An fMRI Experiment


Karl F. Jorda (Franklin Pierce Law), Patent/Trade Secret Complementariness: An Unsuspected Synergism