November 28, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Michael A. Scodro (Solicitor General of Illinois) & William Marshall (Solicitor General of Ohio) & Barry Sullivan (Jenner & Block), Apellate Litigation in the States

Chicago-Kent Legal History

Christopher Schmidt (American Bar Foundation), Civil Disobedience and the Constitution: The Case of the Sit-ins


Wendy Espeland (Northwestern Sociology), Rankings and Reactivity: How Public Measures Recreate Social Worlds

NYU Legal History

Jane Burbank (NYU History), The Middle Ground of Law: Litigantion, Supervision, and Governance in Late Imperial Russia

UCLA Williams Institute

Brad Sears (UCLA Law), HIV Discrimination in Dental Care


Gerry Korngold (Case Western Reserve Law)


Bob Gomulkiewicz (Washington Law), The Federal Circuit’s Licensing Law Jurisprudence: Its Nature and Influence