November 9, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


David Stras (Minnesota Law), Judicial Appointments and Ideology


Stephen Burbank (Penn Law)


James Repetti (Boston College Law), Democracy and Opportunity: A New Paradigm in Tax Equity

Georgetown Law and Economics

Henry Hu (Texas Law)

New York Law School Clinical Theory

Robert Condlin (Maryland Law), “Every Day and in Every Way We Are All Becoming Meta and Meta,” or How Communitarian Bargaining Theory Conquered the World (of Bargaining Theory)

New York Law School South Africa Reading Group

Diana Gordon (CUNY Criminal Justice), Transformation & Trouble: Crime, Justice, and Participation in Democratic South Africa


Brad Wendel (Cornell Law), “The Authority of Law” in The Ethics of Legality

UCLA Faculty Fridays

Ed Stein (Cardozo Law), Etiology, Mutability, and the Law: A Critique of Biological and Psychological Arguments for Lesbian and Gay Rights


Richard Banks (Stanford Law), Race Consciousness, Colorblindness, and Antidiscrimination Doctrine


J.B. Ruhl (Florida State Law), Climate Change and the Endangered Species Act: Building Bridges to the No-Analog Future

Washington University in St. Louis

Hiroshi Motomura (North Carolina Law)