October 23, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law and Economics

Louis Kaplow (Harvard Law), Taxation of Transfers


Louis Michael Seidman (Georgetown Law), Property and Speech

Harvard Internet and Society

Aaron Swartz (Open Library Project)

Lewis and Clark

Steve Kanter (Lewis & Clark Law), Bong Hits 4 Jesus as a Cautionary Tale of Two Cities


Joy Gordon (Fairfield), The Economic Sanctions on Cuba and the Problem of Extraterritoriality

New York Law School

Edward A. Purcell (New York Law School), The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: The Old and New in Federal Jurisdictional Reform

NYU Law, Economics, and Politics

J. Mark Ramseyer (Harvard Law), The Industrial Organizations of the Japanese Bar: Levels and Determinants of Attorney Income


Paul Bateman (Southwestern Law)


David Super (Maryland Law),  BLOWN AWAY: Hurricane Katrina and the Collapse of the Procedural Model of Anti-Poverty Law


Bernard Black (Texas Law), Empty Voting and Other Decoupling Strategies //: Importance, Responses, and Extensions

UC Berkeley Law, Business and the Economy

William Falik (Westpark Associates), How to Succeed in the California Land Use Wars – Sixteen Years and 1,600 Acres