October 8, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops

Columbia Law and Economics

Lior J. Strahilevitz (Chicago Law), Reputation Nation: Law in the Era of Ubiquitous Personal Information

Florida State

Royal Gardner (Stetson Law), “No Net Loss”: Prospects for Long-Term Success of Wetland Mitigation Sites


Laura Appleman (Willamette Law), Taking Back the Jury Trial Right

Loyola Tax Policy

Larry Zelenak (Duke Law), The Federal Retail Sales Tax That Wasn’t: An Actual History and an Alternative History

Michigan International Law

Tang Xin (Tsinghua Law), New Progress of Corporate Governance in China


Lawrence E. Mitchell (George Washington Law), The Speculation Economy: How Finance Triumphed Over Industry


Daniel Bonilla (Los Andes Law), Culturally Diverse Black Communities in Colombia

Texas Human Rights and Justice

Daniel Bonilla (Los Andes Law), Legal Pluralism and Extra-Legal Property: Class, Culture and Law in Bogota

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Dean Spade (UCLA Law), Documenting Gender: Identity Incoherence and Rulemaking


William Bratton (Georgetown Law)

George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon), The Economist as Therapist: Methodological Ramifications of ‘Light’ Paternalism


Lester Mazor (Hampshire Law), Topic: Lecture on the work of Italian legal and political thinker Georgia Agamben